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    About Us

    We believe that millets are the most easily accessible, highly nutritious, and rich in fiber, gluten-free; vitamin and mineral-rich food. Ganaay Millets Pvt Ltd and Ganaay Foods, USA has established offices in India and USA with a mission to promote millets to the world towards making the global healthy society. Our plan is to establish more millets stores and restaurants in India and international with the name 8 Millet to promote ancient millets with international branding standards to serve healthy food/products to every consumer across the world.

    Ganaay Team has diversified experience in various domains and the entire team has a common aspect of passion in promoting healthy food and which millets are identified as one of the greatest sources of healthy food grains that can fulfill the Ganaay dreams to create healthier generations in the future. And also our vision is to create a community-supported agricultural ecosystem to provide healthy, affordable, naturally grown, sustainable food that is completely organic to every consumer across the world. Our exclusive efforts are put towards providing our farmers more value for their produce and converting them to wealthy healthy farmers.

    Our products , we painstakingly source grains from farmers and traders to get them into our processing units. While processing we take care of every aspect of the procedure to make sure all our products are made with the healthiest, unadulterated grains available.

    We produce a wide variety of Millet products right from Breakfast cereals to Instant mixes. We make sure all our products are Gluten free, Preservative free ,Nutrient rich and are of export quality.

    Millets are the 'Smart Crop', they use less water and are more nutritious. Producing 1.kg of Rice consumes around 4000 liters of water where as 1 kg of Millets only requires 300 liters of water. So, Millets in our daily diet not only for healthy lifestyle, it saves water and environment too.